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His legacy

Fill not your heart with pain and sorrow, 
But remember me in every tomorrow, 
Remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles,
even though its only been a little while.
So dry your eyes and remember me
then i will always guarentee
that i will never forget you dad.
Please understand in your heart,
that we will never grow apart.
As long as i've got the love of you
My love for you will always be true.
If you can always remember this,
I will send you down a sloppy wet kiss

for you  

love from nanny cazzy  

 Love you Tyler

with love  

From Mummy.

Our Little Man  

Tyler was the usual crazy little boy with loads of energy and loads of love for his mum, dad and his little sister Jessica. 
He loved to ride his bike and play computer games. His favorate color was orange, bright and vibrant just like him.
He wasnt only a Son but he was his dads best friend too. He loved the trips to the park with his mum where he looked after his little sister with the love and care  that shone from him everyday.

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